MotoMar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement


"The Movement encourages the spirit of worship and train the youth of the Church in private prayer as well as in corporate worship and shall endeavour to interpret the meaning of the liturgy and other forms of worship, by inculcating the habit of regular attendance at the Holy Qurbana and arranging retreats and special days of prayer".


"The Movement organises study groups, lecture series, seminars, symposia and regional and annual conferences for the study of the Bible, the faith of the Church and social concerns."


The Movement shall endeavor: -To render financial help to the poor and deserving by raising funds and shall minister to the sick and provide medical care and bear witness to the Lordship of Christ in every aspect of life and to help the spread of the Gospel.

For MGOCSM, service essentially mean service to the needs of fellow students. Giving educational scholarship is the most important service MGOCSM can and does perform. In fact, during the centenary celebration MGOCSM has taken up this work in a massive manner in the Centenary project "Total Education for one hundred students.