Fr. Jeeson P. Wilson

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Dear Students,

Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ,

Our academic year is reaching to its conclusion. Hope you all are preparing for the examination. May the Almighty strengthen your abilities to achieve your desired goals.  Life might not be a bed of roses, but our attitude is what matters. Work hard to achieve your goals. Remember to find Successes within your failures, also stay faithful in the Almighty. Those who believe in lord will never be disappointed.

Dear leaders of Student Movement please windup the current year programmes of your unit or diocese before this march and prepare the reports of the income and expenditure.

Elect your next year committee (Secretaries, treasurer & committee members) and report them to the Central Office Kottayam, which should be verified by the president of your MGOCSM unit / institution as early as possible.

Do not forget to update your activities to the central office. Remember MGOCSM in your Daily prayer.

Yours in His service,



Fr. Jeeson P. Wilson
General Secretary